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about 1 year ago

Week 8 and Final: Resilience

Hey hackers,

MetaBUILD submission deadline is 1 week ahead, and we're so proud to see almost 2,500 talented people joining the hackathon. Despite everything happening on the market, we're focusing time and attention on what matters, and for Web3 community it is building. Spend this week fine-tuning your code and working on your final presentation – use our latest mentorship session to build up a pitch.

This week we partnered up with Spill to talk about mental health in founders. In this online talk, we’ll draw on both psychology research findings and Spill’s own experience to unpick what’s behind burnout and why so many of us experience it today. We’ll cover how to spot it in both yourself and others, what the underlying causes are, how to recover from it, and then how to prevent it from happening again.

We’ll be busting some of the big myths around burnout -- spoiler alert: it’s not caused mainly by workload! -- and shedding new light on this phenomenon by better understanding why humans experience negative emotions at all. 

Hackathon is an emotional rollercoaster, and these 8 weeks haven't been too calm for the Web3 community. Get some support you during this final week of the hackathon, invite your teammates and build resilience to withstand the good and bad news the future holds. 

Tune in on November 18th at 4PM GMT/11AM EST using this link.

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