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about 1 year ago

MetaBUILD Week 6: Community

Hey builders,

November is here, and that means we're 19 days away from the submission deadline.

Our weekly mentorship sessions on Twitter hit almost 6k listeners last week. We couldn't be more proud to support all of the amazing developer entrepreneurs out there!

Read blog recaps of our previous mentoring sessions here:

This Friday, we'll talk about the people who will be there to see your projects emerge, grow and succeed – your community. Lorny from Pagoda and Rim from Ref DAO and Proximity Labs will talk about the best strategies, do's and dont's of community management:

+ How to create and nurture your community from day one

+ How to host online and IRL meetups that people will love

+ How to communicate transparantly through good times and bad times

Join the conversation on Twitter Space, share your ideas and ask a lot of questions! We're here to help you build the next big thing – and win.