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about 1 year ago

MetaBUILD Week 5: Marketing in Web3

Hey builders,

Hope you're doing great, because we surely are. This hackathon is at 1400+ participants and 300+ draft submissions, and we're so excited to see those drafts going live!

Marketing is a tricky subject in crypto space. Not all of the projects are intended to win the hearts and minds of the global audience: some of them are very niche, and a lot of them are built for developers only. However, this doesn't mean marketing shouldn't be a part your strategy. Marketing should be done differently.

This week, we're ready to uncover some of the secrets of engaging with one of the most technical and progressive audiences with Nico Poggi (Pagoda) and Ofir Avigad (Sweat):

+ Does developer marketing exist at all?

+ Will the mass adoption of Web3 be won by marketing?

+ What do you need to know to prepare a solid go to market strategy?

Join the conversation on Twitter Space, share your ideas and ask a lot of questions! We're here to help you build the next big thing – and win. 

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