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about 1 year ago

MetaBUILD Week 4: Ecosystem support

Hey builders, we're crossing the program's equator! MetaBUILD is at week 4, and we're so proud to have 1100+ registered participants, and 200+ submission pages.

Throughout this time, we've been hosting our weekly mentoring sessions on Twitter folllowed by blog recaps. If you missed them, here's the links:

This week we'll answer the most burning questions about our local hubs and support they can provide to those lucky enogh to live in close proximity.

Ecosystem Support AMA willl be dedicated to our local hubs in the US, Ukraine, LATAM, Kenya, Balkans, and China. You will learn about:

  • Local meetups, hackathons and IRL events hosted by the hubs
  • Power of community and support you can get as a buidler
  • Local product labs, incubators and educational projects

Join the conversation, share your ideas and ask a lot of questions! We're here to help you build the next big thing – and win.