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about 1 year ago

MetaBUILD Week 1: What To Build?

Hey hackers,

Welcome to MetaBUILD – the biggest online hackathon in the NEAR ecosystem. Thank you for joining us for this 8-week long journey.

Last time, our education was self-paced. This time around, we would love to stay in touch and available – from daily office hours on Discord to weekly meetups on Twitter Spaces.

Starting from this Thursday, we will host weekly meetups on Pagoda’s Twitter and talk about the most burning challenges each team will face throughout their MetaBUILD journey:

  • What to build – a chat with the most seasoned nearians on how to create a blockchain product this world needs

  • Storytelling in Web3 – how to explain your product to the people, especially the “normies”

  • Grants and Funding – how to receive support from the NEAR Foundation, what to do and NOT to do applying for a grant

  • Ecosystem support – what happens if you’re lucky enough to be in close proximity to Kenyan, Balcanian, or Ukrainian NEAR hubs 

  • Marketing in Web3 – how to hype up your idea in a realm of magical unicorns

  • Building a community – how to connect to the people of Discord, Telegram, and beyond, and why is it worth it

  • How to impress an investor – best (and worst) practices of pitching to someone who might give you money

  • Founders and mental health – how to stay strong and resilient in this new scary world being responsible for an idea, a team and a bunch of users

MetaBUILD talks will be announced and hosted by Pagoda, and everyone is welcome to join in starting from this Thursday, 16:00 GMT.

This week you will meet the devs from Pagoda, Aurora, Roketo and more. We will chat about dApps and tools that can be built on NEAR in just 8 weeks. Join the conversation, share your ideas and ask a lot of questions! We're here to help you build the next big thing – and win.