•   10 months ago

Silence from NEAR about prize distribution

Hello manager! I know some people have got an email for the KYC verification, but so far I haven't received anything from them, we are pass 45 days after the winner announcement and zero communication from them is worrying me. Can you please get an update on my case? Thank you!


  • Manager   •   10 months ago

    Hi Domingo, Thank you for reaching out! I have forwarded this to your email we have on file with a few NEAR team members to see if we have an update.

  •   •   10 months ago

    Any updates from Near?
    Our team passed KYC 2 weeks ago and silence.

  • Manager   •   10 months ago

    Thank you for reaching out! We don't have an update yet, but I believe Alpar from the NEAR team will be sharing an update in the next few days on Discord.

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