•   11 months ago

NEAR Aurora

Can we write our smart contracts using aurora for this hackathon?


  •   •   11 months ago

    Hello James,

    Absolutely, you definitely can submit a project built on Aurora (in Solidity). It's actually written in the rules section: https://metabuild.devpost.com/rules

    For info, we have something called Aurora+ which basically gives your users 50 free tx per month. It's good to keep it in mind because, if done well, it then brings an extremely smooth experience to your users (potentially they wouldn't need any wallet or token or anything at all to interact with your app...).

    Anyone working on Aurora can contact me directly whenever you like. I can advise on the Web3 tech stack and tooling, but also on the economics, business (and even legal!) sides of things. Also, I can share ideas for you if you need. I have a huge list of relevant projects that would deserve to be deployed to Aurora.

    I'm a brand new Dev Rel at Aurora, mentor on this hackathon. You can find me here on Devpost, Discord or TG (https://t.me/julienbrg).

  •   •   11 months ago

    Thank you for this information @Julien
    I hit you on Telegram as well. Is there a Aurora Wallet or a way we can port the NFT to NEAR wallet?


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